EN 471 - High visibility clothing

Replaced by EN 20471. Protective clothing certified according to EN 471 gives the wearer visibility in hazardous situations under any light of day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark. High demands are set on the fabric including colour and retro reflection. The garment is classified by the area of visible material.

A = Class in accordance to areas of visible material (max 3)
B = Level of retro reflective material performance level (max 2)

Class Background material [m2] Reflective material [m2]
1 0,14 0,10
2 0,50 0,13
3 0,80 0,20


When wearing several high visibility garments is possible to add the square surfaces of visible material, and thus achieve a higher class. However, you cannot combine classes in order to achieve higher class (e.g. Class 1 + Class 2 Class = 3). Contact Blåkläder for more specific information regarding your garment's surface.